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Committee List

St. Stephen The First Martyr (OCA) Committees – 2011

The Rector is an ex-officio member of all committees and of the Parish Council.

The Parish Council President is an ex-officio member of all standing committees

Committee Chairperson Members
Parish Council Fr. Joel Weir
Acting Rector – Fr. Joel Weir

President – Sdn. Mike Wilson

Vice President – Douglas Wolf

Secretary – Janna Beecham

Treasurer – Bill Combs

Member – Sam Wilson

Member – Susan Belt

All-American Council Rep. Mat. Maria Weir
Benevolence Ann Hatfield Susan Belt
Book Corner
Building & Grounds Doug Wolf
Diocesan Assembly Rep. Mat. Maria Weir n/a
Bill Combs, Sdn. Mike Wilson
Garden Dianne Combs Susan Belt, Ann Hatfield
Greeters Mat. Maria Weir
Dianne Combs

Alice Ann Combs

Ophelia Weir

Hospitality & Sympathy Mat. Maria Weir
Dianne Combs
Library Billy Belt
Liturgical Fr. Joel Weir
Sdn. Luke Beecham
Sdn. Mike Wilson
Refreshment Ann Hatfield Christina DykenTina Wilson
Sunday School Mat. Maria Weir
Web Site Sdn. Luke Beecham Christopher McCulloh
Youth Group Sdn. Luke & Janna Beecham

Youth Workers Screening Sdn. Luke Beecham

*( # ) = Consecutive Years on Parish Council. Beginning in 2008 three consecutive years is maximum permitted.

(Revised: 5/6/2010)